Silvia Salinas, Licensed Acupuncture Physician
Providing Healing, Peace and Tranquility in Miami Beach and Coral Gables (305) 401-5952


Tai Chi is an ancient form of moving meditation.  The control of movement generates and balances energy within the body....leaving one relaxed, invigorated, and able to focus clearly.  Regular practice helps maintain an equilibrium that most people only dream of feeling.  Peace is a natural state of being. 
Silvia teaches Tai Chi classes in Miami Beach and Coral Gables.  Call Silvia at (305) 401-5952 for more information or a private appontment.
"Tai Chi is a passion....a way of living.  I put together my experience, my love of Chinese medicine and meditation and take this profound teaching of Tai Chi to students who can benefit and appreciate the importance of becoming at peace with oneself, others and nature.  Tai Chi is nourishing and calming at the same time, providing my students a framework to increase longevity, and harmony with their enviornment."  -Silvia Salinas